Using geo-fencing to motivate park visits


Parkapiki has created Winapiki, a brand that uses geo-fencing technology on the Parkapiki platform to gamify and motivate visits to parks.

Thanks to GPS and Wifi technology it is possible to create a virtual boundary around a real location and set up notifications triggered on your mobile device when you enter the geo-fenced hot zone. 

To geo-fence somewhere you have to have a map on which to draw the boundary. Parkapiki has a google map of each Park Page so, pretty easily and quickly, we can geo-fence any place already listed on Parkapiki (or part thereof) and create a pop-up that will appear on your smart phone or tablet when you enter the area - so long as it’s logged into Parkapiki. 

We can also create a series of smaller geo zones along, for example, a trail, walk or bike route stimulating different messages when you enter different zones. It would be possible, therefore, to create geo treasure hunts and geo orienteering courses.

So will Winapiki motivate park visits?  Well, we shared the concept at a series of focus groups with older Adelaidians and found out some interesting stuff; like 70% of the focus group participants enter online competitions weekly with 20% entering online competitions daily; like 50% said they'd be more motivated to visit a park if they had the chance to win something; 100% took their phone with them when they went outside (although not everyone had a smart phone).

We'll be holding some mini Winapiki to test how it all works and Parkapiki’s first major Winapiki will launch in spring 2018. Called "PikaPark SA", we’ll geo fence a significant number of national parks and reserves and the pop-up notice will in fact be a competition entry form where participants will be asked to provide a comment about the park they’re visiting.  A panel of judges will decide the 3 most original and innovative comments but we’ll also have prizes for the comments that garner the most likes so it’ll be in every entrant’s interest to tell their friends, Facebook or otherwise, to vote for them.  Comments or Park Reviews will be added to the appropriate Park Page, building up Parkapiki’s content.

While we hope to organize regular Winapiki’s we’ll also be licensing a toolkit so others invested in the health and wellbeing of their community can organize Winapikis.  All Winapikis will be listed on Parkapiki so hopefully, soon, there’ll be dozens of opportunities to win something for simply talking a walk in a park.


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Parkapiki is funded by the Office for the Ageing, in partnership with the Department for Environment and Water, Active Ageing Australia and JABA.


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