6 reasons to use Parkapiki


Parkapiki grew from a D3 Challenge in which the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, in collaboration with the Office for the Ageing and the Department of Environment and Water, sought solutions to help increase visitors to South Australian parks and open spaces supporting active and healthy ageing. 

With the key challenge in mind, co-founder Neil Mackenzie suggests 6 reasons to use Parkapiki

There’s nothing else like it

Actually, Parkapiki grew from a frustration at having to go to myriad web sites to find a park with specific features and facilities.  We’ve said it before but given there are over 1 billion web sites on the world wide web, it’s incredible there wasn’t a one stop information platform for parks, open spaces and outdoor places. Parkapiki will fill that gap, aiming to scale out of South Australia so that Kenya’s game parks, Brazil’s beaches and Norway’s fjords are only a couple of clicks away.  Gotta think big!

Bringing people together

Parkapiki provides a home for people bound by common values and attitudes to parks, open spaces and outdoor places.  Parkapiki subscribers can create a profile, search and connect with other subscribers thus building communities of people that do stuff outside.  By accessing Parkapiki’s social networking service subscribers can talk to each other providing advice, support and activity recommendations.  It’s a sort of Facebook for parky people.

Promoting outside events, opportunities and activities

There’s a plethora of what’s-going-on guides but no dedicated what’s-going-on-outside guide. To be honest, Parkapiki was born from my bed one Saturday morning as I googled things to do outside, outside events and other similar phrases.  And we know if it’s not on the front page of google it doesn’t exist!

Supporting active and healthy ageing

We wouldn’t mind making a bit of money from Parkapiki but it’s not our main driver.  There’s two things that really maintain our momentum…the satisfaction that will come from creating something that works and the fulfilment at having a positive influence on the lives of others.  Being outside is good for the heart, the soul and the body so the more people we can get outside the more influence we’ll have on the health and wellbeing of the world.

Promoting parks, open spaces and outdoor place usage

The more we sing their pleasures, the more people will visit them which’ll be good for everyone.  Our world is so busy, so connected, so full of concrete we can forget the positive effects of simply being outside. When we rule the world we’ll insist that everyone has to sit under a tree for 5 minutes each day.  It’ll be good for the soul!

Win things

When we were conducting our focus groups we found out that older people spend quite a lot of time entering on line competitions.  So, what about winning something for visiting a park?  Well, we learned that bribery was alive and well amongst retirees and that gamifying park visits would, indeed, be motivation.  So, we created Winapiki that uses geofencing technology.  Enter the hot zone, make a comment about your park experience and go into a draw to win, win, win!   


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Parkapiki is funded by the Office for the Ageing, in partnership with the Department for Environment and Water, Active Ageing Australia and JABA.


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