5 reasons to become a ParkPal


In no particular order, and not including ‘it’s free,’ here’s five reasons to subscribe to Parkapiki as a ParkPal

Meet people like you

It’s not a dating site, but a key aim of Parkapiki is to connect people who like doing similar stuff outside.  ParkPals can create a Profile Page to describe their outdoor interests and choose to list it on the search engine.  So, for example, if you’re looking for forest bathers in Onkaparinga you’ll be able to find them on Parkapiki, read their profile and follow their social media feed. 

Share your favourite outdoor place

Don’t keep it a secret, let others know about a fabulous walk, beautiful picnic site or special place in a park. ParkPals can create, list and manage a Park Page of their favourite outdoor place and, if they want, get their name pinned to that page so everyone can see who created it. You’ll be able to fill your page with information, monitor what people are saying about it and update information whenever you like.  It’ll be your own little piece of Parkapiki real estate.

Comment on parks

When you’re a ParkPal you can access the comments section of a Park Page.  This might be to provide complimentary or additional information or communicate with other commentators.  Your comments and recommendations will help build a truly objective overview of an outdoor place. 

Enter Winapiki, Parkapiki’s geo-fencing competitions

By entering a Winapiki you can win something simply for visiting a park.  Take for example Parkapiki’s PikaPark SA competition.  All you have to do is visit a participating park’s geo fenced hot zone and an entry form will pop-up if your mobile device is open on the PikaPark page in Parkapiki.  Provide an original and interesting comment or review about the park and you’ll go into a draw to win a heap of prizes.  Remember, you have to be a ParkPal to enter a Winapiki.

Stay in the loop

ParkPals receive regular emailed updates from Parkapiki about parks and outdoor places, people and events. 


Become a ParkPal

Parkapiki is funded by the Office for the Ageing, in partnership with the Department for Environment and Water, Active Ageing Australia and JABA.


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All the parks and outdoor places in Parkapiki have been listed by people like you for people like you, creating a community connected simply by an appreciation for being outside. To list a park or outdoor place become a Parkpal (FREE); to list multiple parks and outdoor places become a Parkpal Pro