4 people that should become a ParkPal Pro


Anyone can join the Parkapiki community for free by subscribing as a ParkPal.  So why would you step up and pay a $20-a-year subscription to become a ParkPal Pro? 

There are three key reasons; you can access the social networking service to chat with other ParkPal Pros, you can create as many Park Pages as you like, and you can unlock the Parkapiki toolshed allowing you to, amongst other, list your events, access Winapiki, Parkapiki’s geo fencing toolkit, and use the Official Park Provider badge.  So, who would benefit from one or more of these benefits?

Group organisers

There are so many groups doing stuff in parks and outdoor places like walking groups, mountain bikers, forest bathers…. Organisers who become ParkPal Pros can create Park Pages for all their walks, tracks or bathing sites and list them not only on the search engine but on their Profile Page under My Favourite Places. And Pros can access Parkapiki’s social networking service allowing them to talk to the members of their group or community - or anyone else who might like to make contact. 


Councils are perfect Pros not least because they can list all their outdoor assets on what is the only  information platform dedicated to parks and outdoor places and monitor the review section of their Park Pages to see what people think of the place.  By using Parkapiki's social networking service, councils can connect and engage with their park-going community and can even gamify and motivate visits to parks by the effective use of a Winapiki geo-fencing competition license available in Parkapiki’s toolshed.   

Clubs and outdoor venues

Anyone can create a Park Page about any place but only ParkPal Pros that own or manage a park or outdoor place can acquire an Official Park Provider badge to pin on their Park Page - and Official Pages will jump to the top of a search result.  Also from the Toolshed, clubs and outdoor venues can acquire a Winapiki license to incentivise and reward visits to their location as well as promoting specific events.  


Going somewhere for the weekend and looking for a walking/running/tai chi/fitness/any-type-of-outdoor group? ParkPals can search for people or groups that do stuff outside but only ParkPal Pros can initiate conversations with them through Parakpiki’s social networking service.  Parkapiki is built on a foundation of goodness so by listing your favourite parks and outdoor places ParkPal Pros effect positively the health and wellbeing of the world by promoting the value of being outside.  And, to be honest, every $20 helps Parkapiki get through the day!

Become a ParkPal

Parkapiki is funded by the Office for the Ageing, in partnership with the Department for Environment and Water, Active Ageing Australia and JABA.


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All the parks and outdoor places in Parkapiki have been listed by people like you for people like you, creating a community connected simply by an appreciation for being outside. To list a park or outdoor place become a Parkpal (FREE); to list multiple parks and outdoor places become a Parkpal Pro