The Parkapiki journey so far

From its beginnings as a D3 Digital Challenge winning idea, Parkapiki has developed over the past year to a fully fledged members’ website, bringing together people with a common interest in enjoying the great outdoors.


In early 2017, South Australia’s Office for the Ageing (OFTA) partnered with the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, SA Health and the Department of Environment and Water to deliver D3 Digital Challenge #5 – People, Parks & Wellbeing: Innovation in Ageing. This challenge aimed to find ways to attract more visitors aged 50+ to our parks to support active and health ageing, and specifically sought a technology solution that would encourage older people to use parks in a variety of ways.

After initially wowing the panel of judges with their idea at the Pitch and Awards Night, Parkapiki further impressed with their prototype and business model, which demonstrated a passion for tackling social issues faced by the community through working in partnership to design and build innovative digital solutions.

OFTA is proud to support Parkapiki as it develops its exciting website – a one-stop-shop for parks and outdoor places, people and events; connecting those with shared interests via a dedicated social media platform.

Parkapiki has worked with a diverse range of older people as ‘life experts’, as well as topic experts in the areas of parks, ageing and public health, to progress their initial ideas and ensure their solution is viable for older people and effective as a business venture.

Over the past 12 months, Parkapiki has continued to recognise the strong role of older people as consumers, market drivers and co-designers, using a series of focus groups with older people to test and further refine their product.

OFTA is committed to supporting older South Australians to age well, and Parkapiki is a great example of developing products and services to support active and healthy ageing through collaborative partnerships between government, non-government organisations, older people and aspiring digital entrepreneurs.

Parkapiki is supported by Office for the Ageing through an Innovation in Ageing Grant.


Parkapiki is funded by the Office for the Ageing, in partnership with the Department for Environment and Water, Active Ageing Australia and JABA.


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