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Creating Park Pages – Technical Information

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Creating Park Pages – General Information

Q What is a Park Page?

A It’s a page of information about a particular park or outdoor place.

Q Is it only parks that can be listed?

A No. You can list any outdoor place including reserves, ovals, beaches, surf breaks, gardens; it can be a place in a place like a walk, a bike ride, a picnic spot – really anywhere people like you might enjoy visiting.

Q Who creates Park Pages?

A You do. All the Park Pages are created by people like you for people like you.

Q So anyone can create a Park Page?

A Almost everyone. You have to be a member of the Parkapiki community, a ParkPal to access our listing tools.

Q Can I create a Park Page for a place that has already been listed.

A Technically yes. However, if you find a place already listed you should post a Park Review to which the Park Page creator may respond.

Q If I create a Park Page, can I edit it later?

A Yes. After a Park Page is published only you or Parkapiki can edit that page.

Q What happens if a Park Page is not maintained with up-to-date information?

A Parkapiki can inform the creator to attend to the page. If they don’t, Parkapiki may unlist the Park Page.

Q When I create a Park Page is it published straight away?

A All Park Pages are checked and moderated before they are published. You can read our Guidelines to Creating Content and Moderating Parkapiki.

Q Do Park Pages carry advertising

A Parkapiki reserves the rights to place advertising on a Park Page.

Creating Park Pages – Technical Information

Q I want to create my first Park Page. What do I do?

A When you became a ParkPal you will provide an email address and Password. Use these to log in to your Dashboard from where you can create Park Pages.

Q How many Park Pages can I create?

A It depends on your membership category. Park Pals can create one page and ParkPal Pros can create multiple Pages.

Q I’ve forgotten my Password….

A No worries. You can ask for a new one on the Log In page.

Q Now what?

A On your Dashboard in the My Parks / Outdoor Places part click Create a New Park Page and follow the instructions.

Q Can I make up any name for the park or outdoor place I am listing?

A Yes. But if there is a name on the google map it would be best to use that.

Q Do I have to use the map to indicate the park or outdoor place location?

A Yes please. This shows where the location is. If the name of the park or open space is indicated on the map, please place the location flag above the middle of the name.

Q What if I am listing a walk or bike ride?

A We suggest indicating the start of the route with the location flag. You will be able to describe the route in the Description part of the listing.

Q What is the Short Description for?

A It’s the summary of the location that will appear on the search result.

Q What should I write for the Long Description?

A We hope you’ll provide as much information as possible so there is no limit to the length. You are free to split the Description up into different headings that might include History or Facilities or Flora and Fauna or Things To Do or Ideal For… You’ll be able to add icons indicating features and facilities and upload photographs but please make sure you check the facts and take care with spelling and grammar as moderators may choose to reject Pages that are poorly written.

Overall, please keep the Description as objective and factual as possible.

Q How does a search find a relevant park our outdoor place?

A Our search responds to words in your Description. It also responds to the feature icons you choose.

Q How important is it to indicate the correct features?

A Important. As well as words, Parkapiki’s search engine is fuelled by the features you add into your Park Page.

Q Can I create new features icons?

A No. But if you think we are missing an important icon please email us with your suggestion.

Q What if I don’t have photographs of the place I am listing?

A Then one of our generic images will appear. But you should try to take one with your smart phone or tablet and add that. Our magic makes sure the photo is resized as necessary. During the checking of your content the moderator may decide that your photograph is unsuitable in which case a generic image will be used.

Q Once I have completed my Park Page, is it published straight away?

A No. It is moderated that may take up to 48 hours. Please check our Guidelines to Creating Content and Moderating Parkapiki.

Q Why might a Park Page be rejected by the moderator?

A Reasons might include poor spelling, bad grammar or inappropriate wording. Once again, please check our Guidelines to Creating Content and Moderating Parkapiki.

Q If my listing is rejected by the moderator, can I try again?

A Absolutely! Simply use your password to log back in to your Dashboard, go through My Parks / Outdoor Places to your park and edit appropriately.

Q Will Parkapiki tell me why my listing was rejected?

A Unfortunately we are unable to respond to Park Page creators in this way.

Q How will I know if my Park Page has been published?

A It will show on the ‘My Parks’ part of your dashboard and you will receive an email informing you that the Page has been published.

Q I can edit later. Are edits moderated?

A Yes they are, so the same moderation policy applies.

Q Who moderates Parkapiki?

A Parkapiki has a team of moderators. However, if you are the manager or owner of a Park or Outdoor Place you can acquire the moderation rights to your location.

Subscribing to Parkapiki

Q How many membership categories are there?

A Two. It’s free to become a ParkPal and ParkPal Pros pay an annual subscription of $20.

Q What’s the differences between a ParkPal and ParkPal Pro?

A You can read the difference on the subscriptions page. ParkPal Pros get all the ParkPal benefits but can also create unlimited Park Pages, access the social networking service and acquire additional tools from Parkapiki’s Toolshed.

Q How do I pay?

A By credit card – visa or mastercard. We use a variety of security measures that are written into our Privacy Policy.

Q Do I have to complete my Profile Page?

A No. You have three choices:

  1. Don’t create a Profile Page.
  2. Create your Profile but don’t list it. Is this way, only your ParkPal friends will be able to see your Profile
  3. Complete a profile and list it.

Q Can anyone search for a ParkPal?

A Yes. And if you have listed it they can tap through to your Profile Page

Q Can all subscribers talk to each other on the social networking service?

A No. Only ParkPal Pros can talk to each other.

Q Can a ParkPal Pro communicate with a ParkPals on the social networking service?

A A ParkPal Pro can create a PikiPost that can receive a reply from a ParkPal

Q Can a ParkPal communicate with a ParkPal Pro?

A They can ask to become a friend after which they can read the social media feed of the ParkPalPro and can comment or write on a ParkPal Pro feed. To create a PikiPost they must become a ParkPalPro.

Q Can people who are not subscribed read the conversations between friends?

A No. All feeds are cloaked to non-subscribers.

Q How does the search work?

A Searches are fuelled both by the words you write in your description and by the features icons you choose to add to your Profile. So, if you are interested in connecting with people that like walking dogs, make sure you include similar words in your description as well as checking he dog icon on your Profile Page.

Q What should I write as my Profile?

A That’s totally up to you but you should probably talk about why you’ve joined the community and what you want to get out of it.

Q Are Profile’s moderated?

A No. However, we will follow up any complaint on Profiles that do not meet our Terms of Use or Content Creation guidelines.

Q Can I change or update my Profile?

A Yes. Log in to your Dashboard and make the changes you want.

Q Can I create my own masthead image?

A If you are a ParkPal Pro you can add any image to the top of your page including a photo, a logo or an advertisement. If you a ParkPal a generic image will be provided.

Q Do Profile Pages carry advertising?

A No. Profile Pages are free from advertising

Learn about PikiPosts

Q What is a PikiPost?

A It’s a term Parkapiki uses to describe a piece of content created by a subscriber and refers to Reviews on a Park Page, conversations on the social networking service or Winapiki comments.

Q Can anyone create a PikiPost?

A No. You have to be a member of the Parkapiki community.

Q So you have to subscribe to review a Park Page?

A Yes. But you don’t have to subscribe to read a PikiPost on a Park Page – anyone searching can read a comment.

Q Can anyone read PikiPosts on a Profile Page?

A No. PikiPosts on Profile Pages are cloaked to non-subscribers.

Q Are PikiPosts moderated?

A They are moderated reactively. This means a PikiPost is published straight away but can be taken down by the moderator or the ParkPal Pro that started the conversation.

Q How do I PikiPost on a Park or Profile Page?

A So long as you’re logged in you can PikiPost.

Q Will there be advertising on PikiPost platforms?

A Park Pages will carry limited advertising but there will be no advertising on our social networking service.

Find out more about Winapiki and geo-fencing competitions

Q What is Winapiki?

A It’s Parkapiki’s brand name for geo-fencing competitions.

Q Who creates Winapiki competitions?

A Parkapiki creates its own competitions but a Winapiki licence can be acquired by ParkPal Pros.

Q Can a ParkPal acquire a Winapiki licence?

A No. Only ParkPal Pros can acquire a Winapiki licence.

Q How does Winapiki work?

A Licence holders set a virtual fence around a geographical area and push out notifications that can be seen if someone enters the ‘hot zone’ and has the Winapiki page open on their mobile device.

Q How do I find out about Winapikis?

A Go to the Winapiki page and search for current Winapikis. Tap through to the Winapiki that interests you to find out more.

Q Do Park Pages show if that place is part of a Winapiki

A Yes. If a place is in a Winapiki it will say under the map and let you click through to find out more about that Winapiki.

Q Can anyone enter Winapiki?

A So long as you are a ParkPal you can take part in any Winapiki.

Q What information must I provide to enter a Winapiki?

A That depends on a particular Winapiki host. The minimum information required will be a name and email address which, as a ParkPal, you will have provided already.

Q How can Winapiki help promote my location or event?

A Geo fencing can be used in different ways. Winapiki is ideal for engaging people, incentivising and rewarding visits to locations. At the same time, it can be used to capture data – for example who is visiting a location and when and for how long and how often.

Q How many Winapikis can I hold?

A ParkPal Pros can acquire various licences depending on number of locations and number of Winapikis.

Q How do people know that I’m hosting a Winapiki?

A If it’s your own community you can tell them through your usual communication platforms. But you can also tell the Parkapiki community by listing your Winapiki as well as your event.


All the parks and outdoor places in Parkapiki have been listed by people like you for people like you, creating a community connected simply by an appreciation for being outside. To list a park or outdoor place become a Parkpal (FREE); to list multiple parks and outdoor places become a Parkpal Pro