How it Works

Built on a foundation of health and wellbeing, Parkapiki aims to be the #1 information destination for parks and outdoor places, people and events.

Searching is free for everyone and you can discover a world of parks and outdoor places as well as the communities and people that use them.


To motivate an active lifestyle, Parkapiki uses geo-fencing technology to gamify and reward park visits. These competitions are called a Winapiki. A Winapiki toolkit is available for purchase under license.


All content is created by the Parkapiki community for the enjoyment of everyone. Parkapiki provides a freemium subscription model with a toolshed of add-ons including an advertising free social networking service.


All the parks and outdoor places in Parkapiki have been listed by people like you for people like you, creating a community connected simply by an appreciation for being outside. To list a park or outdoor place become a Parkpal (FREE); to list multiple parks and outdoor places become a Parkpal Pro